Friday, February 23, 2007

Rottweiler Male (Hajo) and Female (Opaia)

V1 Hajo Vom Hause Porthun, IPO 3, VPG 1, BH, AD, ZTP, HD-, ED ++, OFA Cardiac (RO-CA4231/48M/C-VPI)

ZTP Rating Under ADRK Judge Jürgen Wulff
Height: 68 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Head: 17 cm
Muzzle: 9 cm
Chest: 91 cm
Eyes: 2b

Taking Blinds; Hold & Bark: Excellent
Try to Escape/Attack: Excellent
Attack Out of Movement/Attack: Excellent
Grip: Excellent
Readiness for Use: Excellent
Endurance: Excellent
Relief: Good
Manageability: Good
Ability to Take: Excellent

Hajo is the son of Max vom Türnleberg. Max has been the best producer of working dogs for the first decade of this century. Proof of this can be seen by looking at the number of Max offspring that have competed at the various German Rottweiler Club, SchH/VPG Championships. Max produced offspring with lots of heart and willingness to take the fight to the man.

Hajo's mother is Tinka vom Hause Anin. Tinka is a former winner of the German Rottweiler Club, SchH/VPG III Championship. This is an honour that is usually won by the best working male. Not only is Tinka a former winner but she is also the record holder for the highest score at an ADRK DM. Tinka was the ultimate sport dog.

Hajo is an open, intense, confident, alpha male. He went V1 winning the working class at a Sieger Show under ADRK Judge Uwe Petermann. Hajo is at the upper end of the height standard. Hajo's pedigree is clear of Rick von Burgthann.

Escape Bite:

Courage Test:

Opaia Vom Kümmelsee, SchH/VPG I, BH, ZTP, OVC Certified Hips & Elbows

ZTP: ADRK Judge Uwe Petermann

Height: 58cm, Skull Length: 14cm, Muzzle Length: 8cm, Chest Circumference: 81cm, Weight: 40kg, Eye Colour: 3a

Medium size, compact, athletic, lots of temperament and attentive, very good head, very good stop, medium size ears should be carried closer to head, currently ears are folding, short muzzle, mouth pigmentation light with rose spots, strong neck, good chest proportions, in front standing correct, good neck line, broad strong dry back, very good muscled hind quarters, strong hocks, good angulation in rear, slightly sloping croup, correct coat with red brown markings - slightly sooty overall, very good action in front, very good drive in rear, elbows little bit loose in movement. bite/detention: complete dentations, scissors bite

Head Shape: Strong / typey (4)
Cheekbone Development: Pronounced (4)
Bone Strength: Strong / Robust (4)

Reaction to Gunfire: Indifferent
Willingness to Work / Endurance: Very High
Ability to Calm: Very High
Manageability: Very High
Stressability: High
Grip Strength: Full, Calm, Firm


ZTP Courage Test (Video, No Sound):

Hold & Bark in an Old Train Caboose (video with Sound):

Hold and Bark Practice (Video with Sound):